MtRG Part 4 of 4: Finding Happiness After Trauma

aka “The Southbound 35 Episode”

Welcome back to the Trauma Blog! This week we are introducing you to the Recovery Phase, or what can happen after a traumatic event. It’s been a crazy week! Brenda and I have been in Oklahoma training with an amazing group of CISM responders from the Corps of Engineers. Talk about an awesome opportunity! They are one of the most organized, well-led, and effective teams that we have had the pleasure to work with. So a quick shout out to the members of the Corps of Engineers CISM Response Team. You guys are going to make an incredible impact on so many lives!

With that being said, Brenda and I have been a little limited on time this week! We recorded the video for this episode as we rolled down I-35 from Norman, OK back to Fort Worth. So first, we apologize for the poor sound quality and hope you can hear us over the semi-trucks rolling by. Second, the written part of this blog is going to be short. We’ll give you a quick outline here but make sure to check out the video for all of the important details!

Quick Outline:

  1. Recovery Phase – Each person experiences trauma differently

  2. Goals of the Recovery Phase

  3. How to Lower Your Risk Factors

  4. Important Habits

  5. How to Raise Your Coping Threshold

  6. Additional Resources


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